Crystal Structure


Elena Angelini is Interior Architect (Woman's Counsil Library 1977).
Trough glass she re-entered to the design practice. She studied termofusion, sculpture and jewelery at the National University Institute of Arts (IUNA), Ernesto de la Cárcova Visual Arts posgraduate Direction with  Mabel Waisman.
Studied termofusion and color with Miguel Diez, stained glass and paint techniques,pâté de Verre, ancient techniques and Egyptian Faience with Miguel Caporale.
Choosing Jewelry, she decided to study with profesor Virgina Daza.
'I remember, when I was a child, my interest watching how things were  fixed at home.I supported with resignation the different sizes of my toys, not corresponding to any scale.'
She participated in the Gurdjieff school.
She designs and makes her own vision with 925 silver handmade pieces,  semiprecious  and precious stones, some of them in gold.
She actually designs for weddings, Silver arrangements with lace, wax casting, textures of cotton and silk.
She makes conmemorative and contemporary unique pieces.
Today She teaches jewelry classes, respecting the pupil's style and their own capacity. Jewelry learning developes fine motricity which awake new capacities and give them calm.
The classes are for apprentices with or without experience in visual Arts.




Remember that stones were part of the whole material present in the Universe. Wises of old told that stones were very sensitive to the planets, stars and stars clusters vibraciones, exiting a close relationship among them.
Humanity asignes one gem to each of the twelve constellations that the Sun covers in its annual course.
Exists the believing that carrying the gem or precious stones corresponding to the birth month, the person will have good luck and protection, as a  Talismán.
The more ancient and sofisticated system known in the use of precious stones for health is finded in the Ayurvedic Traditions of India.
The Indian and Tibetans knowledges about the delicated human anatomy(concretelly the seven central Chacras) were combined with color terapies having in mind own body parts with the color of the light spectrum (Rainbow).



Is the point were Energy is located.
Bibliography Teosophical Society Indian texts traduction.

  • Permanent exhibition in the Museo de arte Contemporáneo Lucy Mattos since 2016 to date.

  • .Museo Eduardo Sivori, 2010.

  • .Feria Puro Diseño, 2007.

  • .German Embassy Show.

  • .British Embassy Show.

  • .United States Embassy Show.

  • .Acassuso's Community Church



The inner structure of any crystal formation it's a constant and doesn't change. This allows the right clasification of each one of them, which in some cases the mineral composition creats different colors.

The inner structure it's a atomic net organized and xxx that can be examinated under a microscope

Those crystals are build with one of this seven figures: triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon, rhomboid, parallelogram or trapezoid

At the crystal's heart it's the atom, it's electrons and protons.

The atom it's dynamic and its composition is made by a few particles that rotates around the center in a constant movement.

Although the crystal seems to stay still, it's an alive molecular mass that vibes in a certain frecuence. And this is the way the crystal gets its energy

The crystals are holistics and healings, this means, that they operate in every level of the physical being, emotional, mental and spiritual. They realign sutil energies. They work by vibrating, rebalancing the biomagnetic envelope that surrounds and transcends the physical body and activating the points of attachment to the chakras that regulate the bodily vibrational ecstasy.

The earth began to be a cloud of cosmic gas and dust spinning containing the raw materials of the crystals. This cloud shrank to form a very hot melted ball.

Over millions of years the melted magma cooled, giving a thin crust, the earth's mantle, below the mantle, magma and continuous boiling and cooling and bubbling so new crystals form. These gases are superheated and are projected upwards by the movement of the tectonic layers, as the gases penetrate the crust and meet the solid rock they cool and solidify. Due to chemical impurities, radiation, terrestrial and solar emissions and to the exact medium where each crystal has formed, it issues its specific note

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